International Cryptocurrency Exchange
International Cryptocurrency Exchange
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BTC/USDT 9312.13 USDT -1.3% 9466.31 USDT 9166.82 USDT 3.03 BTC
ETH/BTC 0.02593370 BTC -0.3% 0.02639318 BTC 0.02593370 BTC 55.06 ETH
LTC/BTC 0.00471368 BTC -1.7% 0.00488235 BTC 0.00471368 BTC 103.14 LTC
XRP/BTC 0.00002173 BTC 0.7% 0.00002242 BTC 0.00002102 BTC 17013.81 XRP
BCHABC/BTC 0.02583198 BTC -1% 0.02609513 BTC 0.02544910 BTC 5.64 BCHABC
  • 50,815 USDT
  • 392,483 USDT
  • 1,870,481 USDT

Orion Finance

Platform Features
Orion Finance is a full-featured spot trading platform for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other. We guarantee the high quality and fast work. Currently our company is working on margin trading and creating our own token.
  • Exchange and Trading

    Currently our exchange supports 2 types of orders: instant and limited and we are also developing features that will help traders in margin trading.

  • Speed

    We guarantee high speed and fast processing of your applications for money input/output.

  • Referral program

    We pay you up to 50% of the amount of commission received by the company during the exchange.

  • Token

    We are planning to launch our own token, which will give you additional opportunities to work in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Low commission fee

    Our company guarantees one of the lowest exchange commission fee on the market.

  • Security

    One of our main priorities. We guarantee the safety of your funds.

Development path Orion Finance
  • December 2018 Start of development of the exchange
  • September 2019 Launching of beta-version
  • October 2019 Launching of the exchange
  • December 2019 Launching of referral program
  • March 2020 Launching of token
  • April 2020 Launching of margin Trading
  • May 2020 Launching of mobile app
  • July 2020 Trading management