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What is behind of banks creating all new digital currencies (CBDCs)?

25 Mar 2021 05:51
Specialists are more and more citing new type of currencies as one of the most important trends that will shape the future of money in the next decade. One of these is called CBDCs (or central bank digital currencies). According to a report of one of the leading settlement organizations, the Bank fo...

Automatic trading shutdown in the crypto industry – pros and cons

24 Nov 2020 06:19
The main task of the circuit breakers is to block the mechanisms of the falling market and organize a “break” in order to avoid the consequences of panic selling. At this time, some players can think over their decisions again, while other participants can saturate the markets with liqui...

In the vanguard of crypto improvement – meet DEXs

27 Oct 2020 15:53
The fact remains that DEXs (a shortening for decentralized exchanges) still are perceived as an incredible advancement in the world of cryptocurrencies. DEXs give the chance of crypto exchanging legitimately among members, eliminating the necessity to draw in an intermediary person. All of this, as ...

Bitcoin vs Governmental Abuse of Freedoms

25 Sep 2020 19:44
People from all over the world go on strikes to protect their rights and freedoms and, unexpectedly for many, they have a trump card to use in their struggle – the powerful weapon represented by Bitcoin. The world has not seen so much public dissatisfaction for many years as it sees now &ndas...

How can Ethereum 2.0 influence on crypto markets and investors?

29 Jul 2020 08:08
The developers of the Ethereum project are going to launch its long-desired ETH 2.0 implementation in the second  half of this year. The Ethereum’s upcoming product will be a key benchmark for the network’s development as it switches its protocol from PoW to PoS. It is supposed that...

Indian authorities to reconsider crypto banning

13 Jul 2020 19:51
It has recently been reported that the government of India plans to reconsider cryptocurrency banning, the corresponding discussions are being already held at the ministerial level. The initiative is said to belong to the supreme court deciding to cancel the ban previously imposed by the leading Ind...

Bitcoin performance after the Covid-19

14 Jun 2020 13:07
What do the most prominent minds think of the pandemic influence on Bitcoin? How will it perform after the recession? One thing is clear, the financial structure of the whole world is going to change and crypto will have its own way of integration within this structure. The technology of cryptocurr...

Promising ways to Earn Money during the crisis of 2020

28 May 2020 05:53
2020 already has scared by the coronavirus epidemic and a sharp collapse of markets. Although this unpleasant news could spoil the mood, you should not let them affect your income! We are a team of the cryptocurrency exchange Orion.finance and we have been a long time into this. Our team members ar...

Smart-contracts. A contract that executes itself

18 May 2020 15:32
Blockchain has huge potential and many perspectives, and smart contracts based on Ethereum illustrate this most vividly. That’s what be discussed today. Why are smart contracts so popular? Cryptocurrencies are no longer something innovative. Some people use them as a means of payment, someon...

Lightning Network: is this solution needed?

08 May 2020 20:37
The operation of Lightning Network blockchain network has become the cause of heated debate and discussion in the past few months: part of the crypto community (defenders) is zealously protecting the network, another part (opponents) is finding its flaws. Representatives of Orion Exchange resource d...

Cryptocurrency phenomenon

26 Apr 2020 05:39
Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon of the world economy that functions unattached to any particular country. Turnover of Bitcoin or ether in the world cannot be prohibited by the decision of the government. But legislative regulation by local authorities makes the use of crypto legitimate on the territo...

Will halving kill BTC?

22 Apr 2020 04:59
The final countdown for another halving of the Bitcoin network. Experts predict all kinds of results. Will this be the beginning of the end? Let's figure it out together. Every four years, the rewards that miners receive for adding blocks to the network are reduced. The first time this happened sev...