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09 MAR 2020 10:47

Vitalik Buterin: “People will continue to be interested in fully decentralized digital currency”

The Orion Finance team constantly monitors the news of the crypto world and shares with you the most interesting of them. Today we decided to add another section to our content - vivid quotes from the leaders of the crypto world.

Recently, the Orion Exchange team told about several countries developing a national cryptocurrency. And this mainstream feels like every self-respecting country should have its crypt. It seems that governments are competing in this issue!

Recently, Vitalik Buterin criticized this idea, reported Cointelegraph:

“The main challenge with central bank and even corporate currency is the concentration of power, the concentration or data collection — that you become dependent on potentially central intermediaries that can exercise a very fine-grained degree of control over who has the ability to participate in these systems and who can’t.”

Clear and obvious things Vitalik said! The Orion Finance team supports Vitalik and expresses deep skepticism regarding national cryptocurrencies.

“We've been seeing many situations where even things that are perfectly legal just end up getting restricted because whoever runs the centralized chokepoints just wants to exclude some category of users and I think those are reasons why people will continue to be interested in fully decentralized digital currency”,  added the leader of the second cryptocurrency in the world.

It seems that governments are really afraid of the cryptocurrency era, since they are so active in desire to create a “substitute” for cryptocurrencies in the form of electronic fiat analogues. We are curiously watching what will happen and promise to keep you in touch!

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