Quote of the Week!

17 MAR 2020 15:17

Recently Orion Finance team read an interview of Jeffrey Wernick in Cointelegraph. We got inspired by the Jeffrie’s persistence and his unwavering faith in decentralized money! Therefore, one of Jeffrey’s statements has been awarded by the title “Quote of the Week”!

"Bitcoin is the opposite of Wall Street

Bitcoin is freedom; Wall Street is debt slavery"

Jeffrey Wernick is a post-graduate student at the University of Chicago who studies economics and finance. Some of his teachers were Nobel laureates. Now Jeffrey is a successful entrepreneur and experienced investor, one of the first who invested in Bitcoin, Airbnb and Uber.

The main idea that runs like a golden thread through Jeffrey’s interview is that cryptocurrencies as payment tools are significantly overvalued, and at the same time they are underestimated as tools for storing funds.

«Bitcoin’s best use case is as a store of value, — Jeffrey says. — That is the best attribute of money. It’s better to accumulate wealth than to spend money. Shit money is for spending; Bitcoin — the best store of value — is for saving».

Jeffrey is sure that soon the era of fully decentralized money will come, and then we will be able to enjoy the benefits of the free market, without the participation of intermediaries and controlling parties. But for this time to come, it is important to accumulate assets and allow Bitcoin to strengthen.

The Orion Finance team supports Jeffrey's call for a cryptocurrency hold. At the same time, we also call for a reasonable distribution of assets, some of which can work and generate income! We remind you that on the Orion Finance site, trading accounts based on the Forex principle will be implemented soon, which will greatly facilitate and accelerate trading operations even for beginners. Join us now!