What to Expect from the Cryptocurrency Market?

22 MAR 2020 16:29

Comment of Orion Finance Team

A large number of experts have discussed about the crushing fall of Bitcoin. The Orion Finance team has analyzed the issue and is ready to offer its vision of the situation.

CMO Orion Finance Noam Frishman said: “Cryptocurrencies, like other assets, are subject to external and internal impacts. Currently, the global economy is experiencing a period of turbulence. The conflict in the oil market and the coronavirus epidemic, which forced many countries to resort to closing borders and stopping production, are the main reasons for this. Although cryptocurrencies are not directly dependent on these processes, nevertheless they are part of the raging economic ocean. Therefore, external influences follow behind internal ones. As a result, the crypto assets are drained by large players, and then the panic of small traders comes as a result. Answering the question of what to expect from the market, I recommend to keep calm and to continue holding part of the assets in cryptocurrency. This is necessary to prevent the following massive buying up of cheap crypto by whales and further price speculation. ”

Antipanic Plan for Traders from Orion Finance:

  1. Remain calm and distribute assets wisely.
  2. Hold 10-15% of assets in cryptocurrency.
  3. Reduce the volume of transactions so that no more than 1% of savings are in the “risk zone”.

And, of course, eat well, take care of hygiene and have a good mood!

Always Yours, Orion Finance Team.