The Inner World of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Payment Gateway

25 MAR 2020 20:18

We continue telling about the mechanism of Orion Finance exchange. Right now, we invite you to examine the vital organ of a cryptocurrency exchange - the payment gateway.

In general, a payment gateway is a hardware-software complex that automates the payments charging. Practically, the operation of a payment gateway looks like this:

  1. Making a transaction, the user gets to a wallet page with information with the wallet address ( or QR code). The address generated for each user is unique.
  2. After the user transfers the funds, the Orion Finance system automatically scans the blockchain of currencies that were engaged in the operation.
  3. When a confirmed transaction is detected, the funds are credited to the user’s balance and the transaction is recorded in his history.

The HTTPS protocol ensures the security of the Orion Finance payment gateway, as well as special encryption of user data.

Follow further publications about the structure of the Orion Finance exchange. We will reveal many interesting facts