US Senator Stole $ 4.3 Million from Investors

27 MAR 2020 21:24

Forklog published interesting news in a recent digest: it turns out that one of the former US senators fell into a curious scandal and was accused of organizing a $ 4.3 million cryptocurrency scam project.

Dave Schmidt, a former Washington senator, was involved in the organization of the Meta 1 Coin project. The senator, together with the "accomplices" proposed to buy Meta 1 Coin, claiming that they are backed by solid assets: a collection of art worth $ 1 billion and gold worth $ 2 billion.

In general, the intruders fooled investors with $ 4.3 million. The investigation showed that the funds were spent on the purchase of expensive personal items, for example, Ferrari for $ 215 000.

The Orion Finance team encourages you to be vigilant about someone you trust your money, even if it seems to you that the credibility of the team is trustworthy.