Orion Finance Referral program

  • 1. Get your link
    Register and generate referral links and QR codes
  • 2. Invite friends
    Invite your friends to register through the referral link or QR codes and get rewards once thet complete a trade
  • 3. Get Rewards
    Receive up to 40% commission in real-time

Program Details

The referral program allows you to receive income from all trading operations of partners attracted by you.
  • Your base interest will be 20%, which means that you will receive 20% of the funds that the exchange receives as a commission fee when executing exchange operations by the user you invite.
  • You receive charge on referral program in real time in the same currency in which the exchange receives a commission fee.
  • You can invite asmany users as you want and you will receive income from the operations of each of them.
  • It is forbidden to create several accounts by one person. In case it is revealed the referral program for these accounts will be blocked.
  • The company reserves the right to change the conditions of the referral program at any time.

* Important: You receive income within the first year after user registration.