Bitcoin vs Governmental Abuse of Freedoms

25 SEP 2020 19:44

People from all over the world go on strikes to protect their rights and freedoms and, unexpectedly for many, they have a trump card to use in their struggle – the powerful weapon represented by Bitcoin.

The world has not seen so much public dissatisfaction for many years as it sees now – when COVID-related measures are getting softer, we can clearly see those huge problems caused by the pandemic right on the surface.

After passing the National Security Law in Beijing round the standard legal process, citizens of Hong Kong gathered for mass protests in the streets. In the USA all social categories are outraged because of regular incidents of racial injustice and physical abuse against racial minorities.

In both countries, unfortunately, such protests often lead to violent acts from the side of the authorities. The louder a public outcry is, the more violent reaction it causes from law-enforcement bodies. People seem to be fed up with the actions of the police and they need a weapon that would save them from bloodshed and physical violence. And experts believe that Bitcoin may truly become this weapon.

It has the potential to destabilize and even displace the very core of power of both governments. To deprive them of control over conservative financial systems and money creation. 

In its very essence Bitcoin is free from any governmental influence, it obeys the laws of its own financial system. Once accepted at the global scale, it could capture the power of the governments in making more money. The ideal money is free from politics and governmental decisions – even if world leaders start their wars, your money would always be safe from political and economic influences. In this aspect, Bitcoin provides real accountability. This crypto can easily show people where their money flow as well as their taxes, if spent on governmental powers or healthcare and education.

Protesters around the globe have an opportunity to take power from law-enforcement authorities and governments themselves. And no one would ever put himself to risk or ignite a fire to be heard and seen. Real monetary independence exists in Bitcoin. Maybe all those people united by the same goal should refocus their attention to the very foundation of governmental power – its money.