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Ukraine Discussed the Launch of National E-currency

03 Mar 2020 19:20
Ukraine is yet another country considering the possibility of launching a national electronic currency. The Orion Finance team is interested in this initiative. We checked the latest updates on this topic to figure out what “e-hryvnia” is really about? The National Bank of Ukraine repor...

The Inner World of Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The Trading Engine

01 Mar 2020 14:10
The Orion Finance team loves to offer our users useful content. We regularly review the hottest news of the cryptocurrency market and study cryptocurrency regulations in different countries. Today we introduce a new section where we will discuss the internal structure of cryptocurrency exchanges. L...

Bank of Sweden Tests Crown on Blockchain

27 Feb 2020 14:01
Cryptocurrencies are captivating central banks. The Central Bank of Sweden, Sveriges Riksbank is next in line. Bank of Sweden has announced the beginning of testing of the e-crown on the official website. According to Coindesk, the currency will operate on the Corda blockchain of R3 Corporation. Sw...

The Election Commission of India Is Developing Blockchain System for Voting

23 Feb 2020 13:52
The Orion Finance team loves inspirational news from the blockchain industry and is happy to share them with you! India is next in turn! Recently, we told that India is actively developing blockchain initiatives and even has plans to create its own cryptocurrency. And now they are trying to improve...

The Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies in the world: Belgium

21 Feb 2020 14:48
Belgium is the cradle of European law therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise thatBelgian regulators are very aggressive on cryptocurrencies. At the same time, we were not able to find information about any special legislation that defines and regulates cryptocurrencies. Currently, cryptocurr...

Middle East and Africa Plan to Increase Blockchain Investment by 400%

19 Feb 2020 13:41
Despite the fact that crypto hype is over, blockchain investments are rapidly increasing. A fairly stable Bitcoin exchange rate awakens investor’s confidence and a desire to invest in blockchain development. The Orion Finance team finds good prospects for the industry as a whole. According to...

The Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies in the World: Austria

17 Feb 2020 12:41
The Orion Finance team continues to introduce the cryptocurrency laws of European countries. Austria considers cryptocurrencies as other (intangible) commodities. The Austrian Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, BMF) refers mining to “mining”, which is why, like any oth...

The Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies In the World. EU: Estonia

12 Feb 2020 10:45
Recently, the crypto world has been filled with news of the increasing interest of central banks in cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Orion.finance team decided to study the legality of existing cryptocurrencies and share the results of this research in the series of articles on the different legal statu...

India is going to launch a national blockchain

07 Feb 2020 13:28
Orion.finance always stays tuned and shares all the latest crypto news! Currently, Cointelegraph stated that India is going to launch not only its own digital currency but also national blockchain. The article states that India’s national blockchain strategy suggests the creation of a central...

Orion.Finance daily trading volume exceeded USDT 50,000

08 Jan 2020 15:04
We are pleased to inform you that the daily trading turnover of our exchange has exceeded 50,000 USDT and we thank our first users for the support and trust in the platform. Frankly speaking, this is a small volume for the cryptocurrency market, but we have just started and this performance demonstr...